My own apartment… thank god

Five years ago, I lived on my own.  Not even a cat to keep me company.  I didn’t have any friends, got incredibly depressed and soon lost impetus to leave the apartment.  I didn’t go to class, study groups, or shows.


But now, five years later I think I’m ready to live on my own.

My own bathroom- how lovely
My own bathroom- how lovely

In Logan Square.

One block away
One block away

In Ypsilanti, I lived next to the Watertower.  Now I live next to another phallus-monument.

It will be regrettable to leave Ukrainian Village (where will I buy my babushka chocolates?) but I think Logan Square will satisfy my extranjero needs with at Los Cuatro Caminos, a Mexican grocery store with lots of deals on fresh produce.


-Lula within two blocks.  (Whenever I say I’m moving to Logan Square, people immediately tell me to go here.)

-A few dollar stores nearby- I can get towels, spatulas and cleaning products for cheap.

-the library is less than a ten minute walk from my house!  Wireless gratis!


4 thoughts on “My own apartment… thank god

  1. So we’ve seen your bathroom twice now… what about the rest of the place? I am trying to live vicariously through your exciting city life, remember?

    At least you still have the architectural penis to make you feel at “home”.

  2. Huh? I’ve only posted a bathroom once… and it’s the most exciting part of the place.. the place that is all mine mine mwah ha ha.

    Exciting city life will pick up soon, due to it being summer soon.

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