It’s been about a year…

Sometimes I feel like I don’t live here.

I pay rent, have a job, know which ways the streets run, but somehow I’m not part of the city.

Walking around the Loop, looking at all the architecture, seeing the people in suits going to work, the homeless-looking people selling Streetwise magazine, the obnoxious Greenpeace employees, the bored employees standing around at the makeup counters at Macy’s, the crew messing with lighting on a shoot in the street, all of this going on and I don’t feel like I belong here in this city full of transplants.

Living in a big city is great- there’s always something happening.

However, I missed the St. Patrick’s day parade and the green river, I missed being in Grant Park when Obama was elected, last summer I didn’t go to many street festivals because I was working long hours on my feet and was exhausted.

And I’m not very sociable.  If there’s something that sounds fun, like a street festival or concert in the park or cheap Indian food buffet or free day at the planetarium, my first instinct is not to call someone to come  with me.

In the past, I would move all the time, and would never really settle in to a place.  I have such a gypsy mindset that I don’t know if I can. I haven’t had a sense of home in a while.

Or maybe I’m just meant to be a hermit living in the big city.

By the by, there are some absolutely amazing flight deals being offered.  London, Paris, Rome, Milan, Hong Kong.  Now is the time to travel!

Where ever you go, there you are.


2 thoughts on “It’s been about a year…

  1. I wonder if everyone feels like that, no matter how long they’ve lived in the city. At least the not-quite-part-of-of it thing. There’s just so many people. You can live in the city for years and still see almost all strangers every day.

    In other news, I got the package! Love the Spanish, love the ring. A kid asked me about it and I said it was from a typewriter. Then I realized said kid doesn’t even know what a typewriter is, since he was born in this millennium. I feel old.

  2. I think having my own little village of friends would make me feel more at home here, that’s for sure. But I think I could live here, cultivate loneliness and still feel a part of the city… like Batman.

    I’m trying to volunteer and do Chicago-related stuff to get a better sense of place and how it’s different.

    Glad you got the stuff and that you liked the ring!

    I feel old, too when I listen to the music influenced by the 80s and 90s. I wonder what stuff will hang over like record players have? Maybe there will be a typewriter subculture like the b-boy subculture. Instead of graffiti art, break dancing and scratching, it’ll be deconstructionist typewriter exhibits, choreographed typing, and making up songs based on clacking keys…

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