So I bought my first pair of hipster pants.

And I’m well aware of the irony of posting this right after I posted about not feeling like I belong here.

My ankles and calves feel so strange- they haven’t been touched by pants since I was in grade school.  I’m even stuffing my cuffs into my boots.

I’m also blonde now.

Very strange.


2 thoughts on “Assimilation?

  1. I like the idea of virgin calves. Well, born again virgin calves? Rediscovering the long forgotten touch of… pants.

    Blonde, eh? I think blonde works on you. It doesn’t look “natural” but it’s a hot kind of unnatural. (How’s that for a compliment?)

  2. I’m picturing a calf attached to my leg, mooing quietly. Lowing?

    Yeah, I like unnatural but effortless looks. So thanks!

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