I am such a faker!

I was sitting in at Cafe con Leche (a cafe with a pun for a name just like the bar where I work) when an older gentleman came up to me and asked me if I was an editor.


We talked about travel and love of language for about ten minutes.

He thought I was an editor because I was using a moleskine.

Scribbling furiously into my reporter moleskine, wrinkling my brow, crossing things out.  Opening my baby cahiers and writing a few words, frowning, opening  my planner and putting a sticky note in it, sighing intensely, then whipping out my phone and texting all at the speed of caffeine.

That conversation with him made me want even more to have writing be my main source of income.  The freedom to travel and enjoy the use of languages is what I want most right now.


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