Pestilence, part two

Landlord dropped off some bait-poison (they are attracted to it and take it back to their nest) and some Raid at 8am before I’d had coffee and was coherent.

I have not gotten up the guts to spray/block the roach friendly areas.

What if they come out and swarm me as I Raid them!?  If I have to even look at them again, I’m sure I’ll freak out at least a little.  Probably a lot.  What if they’re just lying in wait?  An orange rolled behind the refrigerator and I’m scared to look back there.

This is the point of having a boyfriend.

If I would not have seen that roach I would never have guessed the apartment was anything but cozy, charming, and perfectly clean.  And it is.  Except for two roaches.  And after I get up the guts to spread all that poison around, my apartment will be as it was in my mind before I ever saw those roaches- perfectly lovely.


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