People walking on the sidewalk say “Hello” which freaked me out at first.   I’ve made friends with a dog named Salem and a cat named Sawyer Bear.  No one looks like they’ve forgotten how to smile.  People who ask if I have a cigarette say “God bless you” after I tell them I don’t smoke.

Logan  Square is not trendy’d to death or self conscious like Wicker Park.  I forgot I was in the Midwest while I was living there, but I remember now that I’m in Logan Square.

I really like the huge boulevards that meet in the Square, (which is actually a circle), it makes me think of Paris (where I’ve never been) or Washington D. C. (where I have been and know it was designed by a French guy.)  By the way, Paris is one of our sister cities.

Some of the houses are very grand indeed, but some of them make me laugh because  I have no idea what the architect was thinking.


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