Fear, picking cotton, money

I just  finished The Rise of the Creative Class (2002) and Small is the New Big (2008).

I am even more desperate motivated sure I should get another job.

I am happy to have a source of income.  But I’m tired of picking cotton (helping a rich man get richer doing soul sucking work. )  I’m tired of seeing the worst in people and living in a culture of fear.

I volunteer at the library, which I enjoy immensely.  I am in a calm environment, surrounded by books and people who truly care about their work like I do and want to be there.  I get to see what people in the city are reading because I sort through the book returns and fill the hold requests (Harlequin Presents: Sicilian Lover; Unexpected Baby, Preparing for Your Board Exam, various novels in Polish, Bengali, and Mandarin, Star Trek: A Time to Kill).  I’m not using my brain or creativity, however.  Getting paid to work there and use my brain slightly would be perfect.

In Class, service industry jobs with no opportunity for advancement are likened to cotton picking jobs.  Creatives, on the other hand, are producing ideas.  I am producing sloppy people and dirty plates.  I’m mopping up beer and wiping smears of ketchup off my shoes.  Working long, hard hours does not mean I’ve produced more, like farm workers.  It just means I’m tired and have very little to show for it.

In Small, we don’t make things now for a lot of the work we do  in this modern day like farmers or factory workers, we make decisions.

Also, “If your job is defined by someone else, you can never be good at it.”


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