My lovely CTA independence was short lived- trying to ride a bike against the freezing wind makes me feel/look as silly as a short woman in high heels.  She doesn’t really look any taller, and I’m not getting where I’m trying to go any faster.  We’re not even really fooling ourselves: we both look ridiculous.  And feel pain.

Riding a bike in the winter even without wind will be miserable.  Extremities freezing, sweating inside the coat like it’s summer.  But I’m going to do it anyway.


2 thoughts on “It’s COLD

  1. Sweating while you’re on a bike is inevitable no matter the weather. It’s destiny. You can’t fight destiny and pedal at the same time.

    Short women can wear heels. They just can’t wear ridiculously tall ones. Unless they don’t mind looking stoo-pid.

    You don’t need high heels to make you fall. I’ve seen you trip over nothing before! And fall asleep in a gay bar. It’s like you live in an alternate universe and the only thing that overlaps with this one is your body’s physical presence…

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