Trick or treat, I don’t care

Being poor, I didn’t have money for a costume.  But it was okay: I just used the makeup I already had.  Pink-red lipliner around my eyes, black eyeshadow under them, and white eyeshadow on my lips.  Unevenly applied lipstick to give the impression of a a mouthful of blood.  I splurged and dyed my hair black to make myself paler.  I look orange somehow in the photograph, I guess Halloween is the only time anyone would wish for florescent lighting.  I wore a horizontally striped sweater to get as close to Beetlejuice/something scary as I could. Apparently I just looked tired.  And like Gollum.

gollum halloween

Being without the urge to party, I took lots of pictures and made friends over a beer or two.  I never want to party when it’s time.  New Year’s is an obligation to drink champagne, and even one glass gives me a headache, July Fourth is time to watch others glug beer and moww hot dogs, Christmas and Thanksgiving are gluttenous, awkward family gatherings…  Guy Fawkes Day is coming up.  I’m sure to know people who’ll want to get together for that, too.

I’m starting to feel like Larry David.  Maybe I should go to one of these writer retreat thingies. Might be fun.


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