Rough and stuff with my afro puff

Went to see Snoop Dogg, Method Man and Red Man last night at the Congress. Boyfriend was giving away tickets to the show, so we went.

I think we caught the tail end of Method Man and Red Man, but then Snoop Dogg came on. It was more like he was hosting a show. He would perform a little, and then introduce someone; they would come out and do their thing while he sort of grooved to it. And, weirdly, he didn’t do most of his own songs all the way through. It was as though he got bored half way, but weed could have something to do with it.

I don’t really listen to hip hop, so I guess that’s why I was surprised when some of the rappers asked: “Girl, what you going to do when I put my big ___ in your ___?” This was a slow jam. The dudes in front of us were nodding their heads like they had also had to pose that question to a girl, and were vibing. I was amused, but not vibing.

The crowd was small, but those who were there had grown up with Snoop and been fans for a while. There were a few younger people there, but it was mostly older people. It was the people who loved Snoop that were there, and that makes for a good show.

The security was like the Secret Service. On either side of the stage two dudes wearing suits and pocket squares stood stock still and surveyed the crowd. Seven dudes stood between the corridor to the stage and the audience. Four bouncer dudes stood with their backs against the stage, facing the crowd. But waiting in the wings, there were about twenty people, just hanging out while Snoop and Co. performed. They must have been friends and groupies.

It’s a strange thing being in a city where celebrities come. Snoop Dogg has been in the public eye for about twenty years, and now he hosts shows where he can’t fill the Congress. It’s like the promoters dropped the ball… or we get to see that celebrities are actually human, and popularity can wax and wane.


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