The half-Christmas

My friend works at the Theatre Cafe, and he will be cooking with us for Christmas! Lucky me!

I’m having Christmas dinner with other ‘orphans’- people too poor or just disinclined to travel home for Christmas. I will be in the company of two wonderful cooks, and am absolutely sure I will eating as well as I would be at Grandma’s house. I am absolutely sure it won’t be like my Thanksgiving.

Other people’s family traditions that sound pretty good are:

-Instead of exchanging gifts and figuring out which city/home to meet in, the family goes to a resort with a beach, a spa, and a golf course. The parents treat everyone. After a day doing their separate, gender-specific activities, the family gets together to have dinner and drinks. Their Christmas lasts ten days. Awesome.

-Waiting until January to have Christmas. This appeals to the Jewish atheist father (saving money on post-holiday sales, no Jesus) and the born-again mother (escaping the commercialization of Jesus’s birth, no arguments about going to church as a family.)

I’m looking forward to going home after Christmas, as my family and presents will be waiting. Also, I will make delicious curried shepherd’s pie and maybe pasties. Because the holidays are about food.


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