Running in the freezing world

face freeze
I felt like this guy- so cold my face froze off

Have decided that I’m going to run the half marathon (13.1 miles) in June. To do that, I’m going to have to start training now.

Upon leaving the house today, I discovered I was under dressed for the 30 degree day that I’d been warned about the day before. In general, I usually ignore the weather forecast and pile on the layers. But today I would be running! I would feel slight discomfort at first, but once I got moving, I’d be grateful for the freezing wind whipping through my clothes.


The misery I felt by having my skin being flayed by the cold was topped by the good misery of burning legs and lungs. Breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth? No. The nose can’t handle it.

Dried sweat, high winds, less than thirty degrees and a walking pace to cool down the muscles is not compatible with just a wife beater and long sleeved shirt. It was so cold that the lock to the entry-way to my apartment had frozen, and I had chain locked the back entrance to my place for some reason. I tried to MacGyver a way in to my apartment with my headphones for about five minutes, and then tried to warm up the lock with my breath to no avail. I convinced some passerby to boost me over the top of the spiked fence, and was able to get in thusly.

Exercise in this weather is only to be attempted with a scarf around the face and appropriate layering. Take heed.


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