chinatown leon

Gainful employment

chinatown leon
Saracita’s being eaten, and I just stand by in sunglasses.

You know how some people just make you better?  Saracita visited me this weekend, and I feel newly inspired to do and to be awesome and productive.

I’ve e-mailed the volunteer coordinator at the HWLC downtown to get myself back into the stacks.  I would love to work there in a paid position!  Beautiful environment, awesome coworkers, working for a cause I believe in- equal access to information– all these things are what I want.

Also, I’ve made inquires regarding Youth for Understanding, an international exchange program for students to see if I could be a volunteer mentor.  My study abroad times were the highlight of my academic career, and I want to pass on whatever help I can.

Were there ever really forks in the road?

One thought on “Gainful employment

  1. You inspire me, too… I’ve been researching freelance writing things and also places to sell photographs. It was so good to see you this week. Must happen again.

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