I’m bracing myself

Time walking down the street: 15 minutes.

Appreciative comments: 3.

It’s freaking hot today.  All the summer time festivals are about to hit me one after the other.  Patios are filling up.  Bars are full.

I think the key is going to be to submit to the craziness and commit more of my time.  This way, I’ll be moving at the speed of my surroundings, and that will be less overwhelming.  Idleness is HORRIBLE and brings with it feelings of despair, which have no place this season of music, wine and warm, welcoming winds wandering, wending their way around.  Whimsically.

I’m going to volunteer at the library, for Youth for Understanding, for the  Chicago Symphony Orchestra.  I’m going to go to Spanish meetups, to friend’s bands playing, to street festivals.

Then when I finally relax, it’ll feel like a welcome relief from having fun.

Editing photos using GIMP!  Crafty.

One thought on “I’m bracing myself

  1. Yeah, YFU! I’ve been dealing with exchange student curfew drama. I feel like in the (future future) event that I have teenage kids, maybe this will be practice? Oh man.

    I like your crafty trees. Does GIMP take up a lot of room on your computadora? I have iPhoto, which is good for basic things at least.

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