How to be a smart alec in Spanish

So there!

Speaking another language can be a long, hard road full of embarrassing cultural misunderstandings: being too informal, calling someone’s father a vegetable, saying you have 23 buttholes, ect.  Usually, humor is supposed to be the true mark of fluency; if you can understand/make jokes, you have mastered intricacies of the language.  That last hurdle is a difficult one to make.

However, this one is humor for beginners-

The sign says “NO TRESPASSING”.

“SON!” (in Spanish) means “They Are!”

Small acts of hooliganism transcend culture/language.


4 thoughts on “How to be a smart alec in Spanish

    1. I guess it’s still pretty funny to me because there’s a group of bums and drunks that congregate in this area. They hang out by the dumpsters drinking out of a paper bag and holler at each other… it’s so strange because of all the negligent wealth that’s around. Wicker Park, land of contrasts.

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