At least I have my teeth: please check for bikers before opening your car door

Because this hurt

Other people die or end up in the hospital.  This was my first car/bike encounter.

My bike is a cruiser.  Slow and heavy and comfortable.  I’m very glad my bike’s a cruiser, because I keep having visions of myself hitting a car or pothole and flying through the air and stopping myself with my face and ruining my expensive fake front teeth.  The teeth that are fake because of another bike accident I had when I was ten…

Hit the ground so hard with my face that the teeth were all shoved up into my head and my dad went back to look for them.  Root canals both front teeth.  Years later they turned greyish, so they were shaved down to stumps and now I have caps/crowns/whatever.  Have to get them replaced every ten or so years.  For the rest of my life.

A few years ago, a car door hit me in the face and my teeth broke off in pieces in my bloody mouth.

Disintegrating chunks of tooth in my mouth.

So I called a vampire friend to ask him how to glue my tooth fragments to my stub so I wouldn’t have to go to the dentist have more mouth trauma and pay a ton of money.  But it didn’t work.

I think this bruise that I got looks pretty cool.  But I don’t want any more car-bike related mouth trauma ever again.  I’ve earned a rest.


3 thoughts on “At least I have my teeth: please check for bikers before opening your car door

  1. OOOOoooouuuch! I’m glad you’re okay. Several of my friends who bike regularly have had this happen; really people just need to be way more careful getting out of their big metal cars.

  2. That looks really bad! How does it look now? Guess I need to check this page more often to know how you are. This answers my question as to whether or not your bike is done.
    I believe your dad also got knocked off his bike by a guy opening a car door in his Detroit days.

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