Sweating: East versus West

Interviewing/talking with people was an great way to meet people and glean information, as well as feeling more involved in my community.  I wonder if this is how extroverts live all the time. A girl at a coffee shop gave me link to a YouTube video called ‘Imagining the 10th Dimension.’ I also learned that Lululemon athletica hosts a free yoga class every Sunday at 10am so the neighborhood people can try out some of the many, many different studios in Bucktown/Wicker Park.

I’m all about meditative exercise (especially when I don’t get anything else).  Modeling is all about holding poses that eventually become painful.  When you bend your knees and get lower in Tai Chi it’s supposed to focus your chi more. In Tae Kwon Do the horse stance (a low squat with fists straight out in front) can really make you tremble.  I thought yoga and I would get along well, but I haven’t been back in a month.  Because it doesn’t feel like exercise unless I can’t breathe.  I’m so sick of not being at my ideal weight that I’ve been jumping around and sweating with hand weights about every day at home.  No careful breathing or static poses here- just good old fashioned gym class sweating.

A lady at Lululemon said that what you were doing athletically between 11-14 is how your muscles and the shape of your body will stay for the rest of your life.  Volleyball players and Irish dancers will have strong thighs forever, gymnasts will have strong looking arms.  I really like this theory.  And hope that it is true.


3 thoughts on “Sweating: East versus West

  1. Try the Chicken Fat song for some old-fashioned gym class sweating!

    Interesting about the 11-14. What do you think it means if I was then doing track and field, kickball, basketball, volleyball, swimming, skiing and dancing?

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