Creepiness in art and/or technology

paintbrushes sleeping it off
sleeping it off

As an introvert whose every social interaction or mandatory party requires about 48 hours psych up time, I was shocked to discover how amazing it was to meet with other people who do  what I do.  I went to a meeting with a bunch of other figure models last week.  We shared experiences, ate, and discussed a model’s bill of rights.  We talked about putting a list together of places to model, helping other models get into the scene, maybe compiling a database of models, like a non-creepy Model Mayhem (that I’m not linking to).

Face to face interaction with community is so important. I think a non-creepy MM wouldn’t be possible because technology really has the potential to make relationships creepy, especially if there’s nudity involved. I like that the community is small and made by personal relationships- face to face interaction with community is so important.

Mediating relationships with technology can lead to some pretty messed up stuff.  Like facebooking mundane bullshit.  Like going to a concert and messing around with your twitter account the whole time.  Like going to a concert and talking about all the other concerts you’re going to go to. Like blogging with a sense of self importance.

Technology and art both provide remove from the moment and allow a different moment- one interpreted and unilateral and controlled.  It’s not always creepy.  Maybe I’m just creepy.

me with a lion
me with a lion

As an introvert, I love the fact that I can e-mail someone instead of having an awkward phone conversation.

I like being in art and creating art.  I like that it’s my thing.  I like that it’s a small community based on personal connections.  I like that I can trust the people I know.


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