I think I’m going to read Brave New World again

An Evening in the Gold Coast
8pm: Fortieth floor, city views, open bar, sushi and hummus, sculptures, paintings, artists, models, dilettantes.

8:30pm: Young, self-conscious white dudes in jeans and sneakers walking to bars to spend their money.

8:35pm: Fried chicken and cigarette stink, body odor two or three days in development, piss and vomit, public transportation.

It seems like everyone has their hustle, everyone is working more than a few angles. Jobs come and go, but both a person and their social class stay the same.

Being poor looks like laziness or stupidity, so therefore the poor are getting what they deserve. Working smart and working hard must go together, too bad they can’t figure it out being so lazy and stupid. I keep thinking about The Rise of the Creative Class and how the populations of creative professionals are supported by cheap and available labor to clean houses, dry clean, babysit kids, deliver groceries and wait tables. I can’t stand it.

Money is Power is Godliness. There is no escape.


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