Kill something this holiday season

‘”Never trust a man who doesn’t hunt.” -Teddy Roosevelt’ – a billboard on the way to the town where I grew up

“More than just guns!” -a small shop just off the highway in the town where I grew up

“Guns and Computer Parts Sold Here” -a store in Jackson, Michigan

It’s… comforting? to know that the guns being sold in these shops are for shooting animals, not people.  As a child, I constantly fantasized about what it would be like to have to fend for myself in the wild, like in My Side of the Mountain.  But the main character in the book never used a gun.

However, shooting animals for food is a good idea.  It’s local, organic food that you ‘grew’ in your own backyard, and it’s sustainable because there’s regulation.  But killing animals just seems mean.  And gross.

Going home makes me foreign.


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