Creativity, Lust, and Perceived Consequence

I’ve been hit hard with a wave of technolust recently.  I want a phone with a touch screen, apps, and a sexy body.  I’ve been reading about the iPhone versus the Droid.  I’ve been wanting to become a Mac user desperately.

I think the reason why I want these things is because I want to be more creative.  Or at least to be perceived as being creative.  Having an MacBook would make me instantly super creative, moneyed, and cool, like every single person who goes to SXSW.

My current reality is that I have a computer whose screen times out after 10 minutes of use.   My phone is slow and has physical buttons I thought I wanted but touch screens are the way to go.

But spending money is a commitment that I don’t want to make. I don’t make much money that I get to keep (thanks, student loans), so I think about how many hours I’d have to work to get whatever it is that I want.

Having influence means you get stuff.  I have a friend who makes a lot of money who gets free stuff all the time because he’s perceived to be someone of influence.  Having money means you’ve figured out the rules of the game, (how to get money and stuff) so therefore you deserve more money and stuff. Money and stuff accumulate around a person- the more they have the more they get.

Some of the most useful stuff I have I’ve been given: a camera, a huge external flash drive, yoga pants, sweaters for running in cold weather, contact lenses, pens, notebooks, a computer. I don’t think I’m an influence and stuff magnet, but the accumulation effect has to start somewhere.  So, I’m open to getting:

-a month long trip to Barcelona

-a Mac Book with the current OS

violin lessons

-green running shorts for my first 8K

-a Droid or iPhone


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