Apocalyptic weather brings people together, sort of

I went out into the Great Chicago Blizzard because of love.

It was an early Valentines Day thing. We ate lots of beef and pork at Kuma’s Corner, we got our face rocked off by metal music and microdermabraised by 5000 knot winds and harsh crystaline structures.  But we did it together.  As a couple.

It was freaking cold and snowing horizontally. How did early settlers of this area deal with this?  Perhaps the spirit of camaraderie that comes of facing difficult situations? The bus driver sounded like Chris Tucker:

“I pulled up ‘long side of a stop and this bitch is hangin’ onto a tree!  I said ‘Hey, you need the bus?’ She said ‘I can’t let go of the tree, I’ll blow away.’ Shit, she was only four foot ten. I said ‘Bitch, what the hell you doin’, let go that tree!’

We staggered through calf deep piles of snow, trying unsuccessfully to hail cabs. None would stop. One even turned its light off: NO WAY suckers, you’re on your own.  Definitely not into the camaraderie.

We waited in a bus shelter with one other poor guy who had been on the train. Red, Brown and Blue Lines had been closed due to the winds and snow.

On a night when going out meant stumbling through knee high drifts of snow and violent winds, I got to see the city in a different light. Well, not really see, because my glasses were too fogged up unless I took them off, and then the wind was blowing so hard into my face so I could only focus on one one step at a time. But being among the select group of people who were dumb enough to leave their apartments on a night when all sensible people did not was very special.  I got to see a side of the city that only existed for a brief moment.

And being with my boyfriend on our fake Valentines day made it even more special because we were together.  And slightly less cold because I had someone to block the wind.  But mostly just more special.


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