Awkward moments in figure modeling

Today, I held a long pose for a painting class. It was meditative.  I thought about how happy I was to be working with these artists, and about how things are funnier or more awkward with nudity.

-At one place I model, there’s this guy who is just in the room doing other artwork behind the stage wearing headphones, not engaged with the rest of the class, occasionally making alien clicking noises to himself.  Frustration?  Satisfaction?  I don’t know.  I just know it makes me slightly nervous and wonder what’s going on in his mind.

-One time, I had gas. Loudly.  And the whole studio did not laugh.  Which made it worse.

-Another time, male police officers came to solve a problem in the building, not knowing the loft was holding a life drawing class.  When they came around into the studio, they did a double take at the nude male model who of course was taking the opportunity to show off his genitals to cops.  The cops were horrified and embarrassed.  Hilariously, they shielded their eyes and hurried through to the exit door on the other side of the room while the model tilted his hips in their direction from his position on the stage.  After the door closed, the whole studio burst out laughing.


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