I’m a skinny educated white girl

So I went to a hot yoga class.

I ran the mile to the studio, thinking it’d be nice to at least get a mile in if the workout wasn’t intense enough  for my bad ass.

It was intense.

I walked in the room before the class started.  It felt a little too warm, but nice.  I imagined being on the tropical vacation that I’m due for.  People were laying on their mats, silent. I started to sweat.

The yoga teacher was not skinny like everyone else!  Every other chick in the class looked like they could have been a coxswain on a rowing team.  At first was hard to breathe deeply because I just wanted to laugh:  “Share your breath with your neighbor. Let your neighbor know you’re there.  Is there anyone who hasn’t been touched, raise your hand.”  Weird.  New vocabulary.

As we went through the poses, I felt awkward, but it was fun doing something I hadn’t done before.  Trying a new sport is always fun.  Some positions made to stimulate lymph glands, some to stimulate adrenal glands.  I could really feel the adrenal one.  I almost fainted.  That’s when you know the exercise is working!  I don’t know if I have ever sweated that much. My plan after the workout was to jog three miles to pick up my race packet.  When the class got out my legs were trembling, but I ran the mile home and could have gone further.  But my sweats were soaked through and I decided I could wait to be a bad ass another day.


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