Side Hustle, or Hustle and Flow

Inspired by Managing Your Side Hustle Without Going Insane

Figure modeling is picking up. I’m making more contacts, I’m working lots of evenings and weekends. Is this my passion?

What I like best is meeting artists, talking about and being around art.  A painter told me he gets just as much from being around other artists as he does painting.  That community aspect is a huge reason why I model.

In the art world, when I’m on the model’s stand, my energy is focused inward, and I’m in the moment only thinking of the next pose. I focus on the painting or drawing as a whole, and the flow of a sequence. In the business world, I’m outgoing, focused on building relationships, future oriented, looking to close deals, linear.  Modeling is a completely different focus and flow.

Having two jobs that require opposite skills is a great balance. That’s why, when I start making art or trying to market my boyfriend’s band, it won’t feel awkward.  I’m learning to focus my energy differently.

I really like making money from art.  Money validates action in a way joy just can’t. Andy Warhol said “Making money is art.” It’s true that real artists make art no matter what. I don’t love figure modeling as much as making my own art- I wouldn’t do it for free.  So maybe it’s not exactly my passion. But learning is my passion.


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