Artist versus Model

Artist says “You’ve moved your head waaay over to the right.  Could you move it back?”

I bite my tongue. I know my head has not moved.  I’ve picked a point in the background (a window hook) and I know it has not moved. This is what is required in every long pose.

I’ve heard artists say, when drawing from photographs, that they sometimes perceive the photograph to have moved as compared to what they’ve drawn.

But the model’s job not to contradict the artist.  It’s to give them what they need to make their art.

It’s hard not to insist that I’m right.  After all, I pride myself on being able to hold a pose, and not being able to do that reflects poorly on me as a model.  But in this case, cooperation and showing willingness to work with someone is more important. Shutting up and cooperating are not things that come naturally to me, however.  It’s just a new skill to learn.


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