I’m a statue. It’s a gift.

So far, I’ve modeled in:

-vast live/work lofts


-regular classrooms

-someone’s house

-art studios.

I’ve modeled in strictly academic studios where time is kept strictly and there’s absolutely no talking except between sessions. I’ve modeled in places where drawing seemed to be incidental to a hang out club.

I’ve modeled for people who:

-desperately want to capture beauty by creating art

-need to be around models all the time because it blocks out ugliness of the real world

-turn to art to distract them from their day job, or is the pay off for years of hard work

-for people who have let sensuality and beauty become their whole lives and seem creepy but have good hearts

-just come to draw because it’s somewhere to be during the day and they’re lonely

-make art for money and approach it as such

As a model, I’m a statue and see more than I would were I an artist. This is a gift.


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