The Secret to Looking Young Forever

I love figure modeling because I feel like I’m always coming up with something new. I’m always learning about art. It’s a chance to shut up, not talk, but still be saying something interesting.

In some places where I model, it’s mostly older people, depending on the class. Older people sometimes have what seems like wisdom, and other times it seems like dogged commitment that was true briefly but not anymore.

I try to shut up when I’m around older people. Usually, they don’t care what a younger person has to say. Maybe they’ve heard it  all. Or they’ve edited their lives to include what they want and are good at cutting out what they don’t.

I look pretty young, but I’m not as young as the majority of the other figure models I’ve met. Maybe we all look the same to older eyes. I already see everyone below 26 as being in this amorphous blob of taut skin and full cheeks and disgusting, fresh innocence and optimism.

Maybe I still have that appearance to the older artists. This is the secret to looking young forever- hang around older artists. None of them will expect you to think too hard or have a thing to say. And their painting of you will show others what they see- youth.


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