For the love of quick sketch

I love quick sketch. Some artists don’t, and come late to draw because of it.

I model as  frequently as I can at The Drawing Workshop. This is the only place I’ve found that gives quick sketch the weight that it’s due instead of just something to get out of the way or skip before the real drawing starts.  I’ve sat behind the easel drawing for quick sketch. It is maddening, frustrating, and essential.

I love it because it gives me a chance to move around, pay attention to how I’m feeling that day and what my body feels like doing. Am I steady on my feet? Is my balance good? How’s my flexibility and strength? Do I feel like doing mostly standing poses or do I need to incorporate more sitting poses into my repertoire today?

We do 25 minutes of mostly 20 and 40 second poses. How can one get a good drawing in 20 seconds? It’s to help the artist to see shapes and angles, and to forget trying to strangle out an ego saving ‘good’ drawing. It’s to help the artist get loose and get into the flow.

Having to come up with different poses quickly helps me get into a flow, and this flow helps me fall into natural and beautiful poses. It helps me get into a state of mind where I can imagine what an artist sees from each angle, and that helps me give something good to draw wherever they happen to be seated.

That is my goal.


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