Skull with a Frog on its Head

In Spain, if you can find the skull with a frog on its head, you will have good luck in your studies. If you can concentrate long and hard on finding a frog, the same doggedness will aid you in school.

Doctoral graduates get their names and graduating years written in bull’s blood on the walls. The plaza of the University of Salamanca was big, with many arch ways leading away. An older gentleman who must have wanted everyone to succeed came up and told me where it was as I started to look. As irritating as this was, I don’t know if I would have found it had he not told me.

This why a corporate job or mentorship would be valuable. A bunch of people who start out in the corporate world learn the rules then use that knowledge to build their own enterprises. I’m in the business world now, but not the corporate world. I’m learning the rules.

But I never wanted to get a corporate job. (“Hey, Peter, what’s happening…”) I thought that I’d be joining the matrix, focusing only on short term goals, “improving numbers” without really thinking about what the numbers mean, and doing it all for people who I don’t care about. I enjoy seeing the whole picture, being able to build value and contribute in a meaningful way.  In a small business, I feel like I can do that.

But I worry that I’m missing something.

I want to return to Salamanca, and see if I can find the frog on my own.


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