Mmm, tacos

Don’t think, eat

Mmm, tacos

As much as I love quick sketch, it can kill.

Yesterday night, I had a gig, but wasn’t focused. Work frustrations and deals falling through, the oppressive heat and subsequent sweaty body, and not giving myself enough time to eat worked together to mess with my mind.

Even with all my experience, I sometimes don’t feel ready to work as I’d like. I quickly washed the sweat off my body and changed into my robe. As I got up on the modeling stage, I suddenly became very aware that I hadn’t eaten in 5 hours and had just biked 40 minutes in the hot sun. I usually try to eat a little something before I model, anything to stabilize the blood sugar.

Usually, quick sketch means wild poses, stuff that I can only sustain for the shortest intervals. I felt myself waver, but didn’t want to falter or see gray, so I tried poses a little more conservative than usual to compensate, then felt guilty for not working as hard and entertained self conscious thoughts about being boring.

Those thoughts have no place in making art. Art is for enjoying, expressing oneself, bringing truth and or beauty into the world. Self consciousness and guilt have nothing to offer anyone’s creative life.

I have caught myself going down that road before and was able to pull out of it. When you only have 20 seconds or 40 seconds to a pose, there’s no time to falter. Just act. Do the next thing. The cure for self consciousness or guilt is action.


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