My half marathon training program: be my own pet

I’m running three miles tomorrow without having run for months.

I’m scared.

I’ve been doing the sedentary anxiety wallow that involves lots of Youtube watching and other non-activities. (By the way, everyone should watch Jackson Galaxy the cat whisperer- I’ve learned a lot.)

Learning how to treat animals and worrying about my training program has produced the idea of being my own pet.

If I owned a dog, I’d be obligated to walk it once or twice a day. It’d be my responsibility to feed and water it, to walk it, to give it structure. I think that’s why people like dogs so much.

I’d have to treat a dog better than I’ve been treating myself lately.

Every day (almost) I’m going to get up and run 3 miles. Then 4. Then 5. Then I’ll have longer runs. Eventually, I’ll need a few hours just for running.

If I was my own pet, I’d have to stick to a training program. I’d need a schedule and a structure. I’ve been afraid that I wouldn’t stick to a plan in the past because there always seem to be so many other things to do, like nothing.

If I am my own pet, I will have an outside motivation to stick to a schedule and take care of myself.


3 thoughts on “My half marathon training program: be my own pet

  1. start out small! perhaps try scheduling runs or time for yourself into each day. if you schedule runs like they are appointments you cannot skip! have run beginning again!!!

    also! i hear that “muscle memory” plays a large part in your endurance. if you had once been running consistently, it should come back fairly quickly. its like riding a bike, you never forget 🙂

  2. Thanks for the advice! I hope that my muscle memory does play a huge part. I have a training program, but still am nervous.

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