This post is about neglect

I have neglected my self, my blog, my training regimen.

My cat started eating everything in the house it could get into (baguettes covered in plastic, a hamburger of a roommate’s who was distracted by television. I thought I’d been feeding him adequately, but one brand of cat food is not as nutritious as the other, I found out. My cat needs exercise, treats, and food. So do I.

I’ve also been neglecting to write.

And my running. I’ve all but quit these last few weeks before the race, which is in 4 days.

I may have been neglecting myself at work, too. Doing work that uses the weakest of my skill groups, being stressed about being the only one engaged at work, trying to up the site stats, trying to come up with a plan that will work without support and wondering why I’m there has made me feel like my work has been neglected.

I’ve been having the quarterly emotional seizure about where my life is going and asking myself why I’ve put off pursuing an artistic bent with greater fervor for so long.

I just found some old journals written about emotional problems I couldn’t really handle. Now I can handle them. It took a few weeks instead of a years and years to get strict with myself about changing my behaviors, and now I have the experience to trust that those changes will save my mind and thusly my life.

I just got a promotion at work, and this means a great opportunity to test myself and to succeed.


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