Art and/or the Office, and/or the Brain

This month, I’ve spent about equal time modeling than at the office.

Working 11 hour days beginning with office work and ending with modeling is harder than I thought it would be. I modeled last week 4 out of five days. And did showings on the weekend. Well, I scheduled showings and people flaked. But it still feels like work because I put in the time being anxious about: being late; having to interact with people; looking professional while sweating slightly and locking up my bike.

I’m glad I have a bike to ride. That 15 minutes to work and 30 minutes to modeling and 30 minutes home from modeling is my only exercise. Modeling is also great exercise.

But biking isn’t as awesome as running, because the attention is on not being rude to other bikers and cars, and not getting killed by someone making a right turn in front of a bus or opening their door without looking. And modeling isn’t as awesome as yoga, because there’s no threat of pinched nerves, greyed out vision, or muscle spasms.  Exercise without the threat of physical harm is what I’m missing right now. I miss running, but only way to get myself to run is to sign up for a race and have a deadline. So I’m going to sign up for the Chicago Rock and Roll Marathon.

I’ve modeled sweaty and tired from biking, smelly from not showering, and mentally fried from banging my head against work problems. It’s felt like marathon modeling. Even coffee doesn’t help as much anymore.

Because while there is flow in physical activities and making art, there’s also an intellectual demand. Hate it when I blow my load at work. I feel like that should be creative cross training. Maybe I just need rest.


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