How do you get to Google dot com?

Last night was a great time modeling. I brought wine as a gift to the instructor, and he served some to the artists. Figure drawing is hard, wine kills the censor.  I’d rather be the model.

During my breaks, I try to be productive, so I was paging through some of my old work, looking for good stuff. One of the artists asked what I was studying. I told her I wasn’t in university despite my college rule composition book. You can learn so much online on your own time… for freeI learned HTML for example.

“What’s HTML?”

I asked hesitantly “… are you serious?”

Another artist jumped in, “It’s like when you type in a web address: HTML doubleyou doubleyou doubleyou dot-”

I absolutely did not start laughing.

This is one perk to modeling- I get to see the perspective of the older generation.


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