May this one be the best yet

New Year’s Resolutions are as silly as horoscopes, but they’re still fun. Most of the time, they have to do with idealizations of self and the way we wish we lived our lives than commitment to change.

If someone needs some fake time demarcation as “motivation” to make a “fresh start” to improve their sorry state of affairs, it reeks of should. “Should” is all about impressing other people, and it’s fake. Pride and vanity are great motivators, but laziness usually trumps them.

On a less hater-y, more positive note, I prefer to indulge my superstition by doing something on New Year’s Eve that I want to be doing for the rest of the year. This is why I run. I know if I go to a party, I’ll feel awkward and unwittingly drink too much or end up sitting on a couch next to other bored people. Running always makes me feel like I’ve done something worth while.

These past few years, I’ve used New Year’s Day/Eve as a time of reflection, and made goals for myself. This year has been great. I met a ton of my goals I set for myself in 2009 and 2010, and I’m very proud of myself:

1. Go to Barcelona within two years. I decided I was going to do this, but I had no idea how. I was behind in my rent payments, student loan payments, and was on food stamps. But I needed it to happen.

2. Get an independent, self directed job where I can use my creativity and writing. This one happened because I had a great boyfriend to motivate me to stop looking on the internet and get out there and meet people. And all that action, all those applications, all that smiling got me a data entry job. Which I used to grow my responsibility. I started helping and educating people and those successes and failures inspired me to write, manage social media, and make videos for my/the business.

3. Be solvent. I’m current on everything, have great earning potential, and I feel challenged and competent.

4. Run a half marathon. I did this. And could have done it better. But “could” and “should” are cousins and will be equally shunned. I was afraid of distance running, and now I’m not.

5. Get a cat. I lobbied hard for a year for this one. Now I’ve got a responsibility for 20 years. But a very cute responsibility.

6. Update my blog regularly. I did this! Mostly.

All this serves to bolster my belief that I can accomplish what I want to accomplish. I think this is why rich people get richer. They build on their success. I feel like I’m closer to being what I want to be. And that’s what New Years is about.


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