Feeling Subversive at the Hair Cuttery

blurred church car sospecho
something sospecho could be happening here

My favorite alias was Yolanda de Castillo. What I like most about the Hair Cuttery is that I bring an air of mystery to the experience when all I’m doing is getting a haircut. I’ve also gone by Madeline, Chloe, and, for some reason, Chuck. Having a fake name brings the excitement of a spy’s life without all the explosions and killing people.

I started doing this because they want to give me a card to “make the check in faster.” It doesn’t. I’ve watched. Basically, it’s a lame ploy to get my personal information so they can sell it to advertisers and track my comings and goings. Screw you corporate jerks! Also, why the need to “check in?” It’s just a hair cut.

I make up a new name every time, and never take a card. It’s fun to be anonymous and buck the system. Last time, my name was Penelope.

When I didn’t have laundry in my building, I’d take my rolling suitcase to the laundromat so I could imagine I was going on a trip to somewhere great.

It doesn’t take much.

I make my own fun.


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