Amazing Writer-Artist Friends

There’re plenty of people I admire online, but I know these people in real life. My friends being awesome motivates me to try to not suck. The sheer amount of work they do is amazing to me. It’s been said that it’s always best to be the stupidest one in your study group so you’ll learn the most. I’m in a good spot.

Dana, her constant output of creative material is astounding. She acts, models, photographs, and writes. I’m sure she has other hidden talents I haven’t seen yet. The honesty she brings to everything is refreshing, odd and welcome.

Trevor has been writing and breathing comics for almost his whole life. He written his own comics for as long as I’ve known him and constantly goes to shows and conventions around the country. How he does this and also work 12 hour days is a mystery.

Mace is a very talented writer and musician. He doesn’t update as often as I’d like, but what he does put up is great to read.

Sara is a Fulbright scholar teaching in the Valencia region of Spain. She must like trudging through the snow of Michigan because she’s coming back, probably to work in Detroit Public Schools. Her photography and poetry have taken my breath away on several occasions. Okay, most every time she publishes.


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