Bomb in Detroit

Large swaths of Detroit look like a bomb went off 50 years ago and no one came back. The only new buildings or upkept areas seem to be downtown around the casinos.

broken down half built

In all neighborhoods, parts of buildings are missing, windows are broken, graffiti is the freshest paint on all most all of the buildings.

swank graffiti

It feels like 1960.

drive in theater
This is a drive-in movie theater. It advertises current titles- so it must still be in use.


These yellow posts have ancient speakers attached to them, so each car can have its own sound. There’s an structure in the middle of this expanse that has bathrooms, a snack bar, and lots and lots of vintage-era video games.

The Heidelburg Project can be interpreted many different ways. Like Detroit saying:

Detroit is like a beautiful, aging, slumbering giant who must rise back up.


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