Marathon Training, Here I Go Again

IMG_2401Last time I started to train, I ended up with pain in my knees. I’ve never had any joint problems- why, and dammit, what the heck? A personality test I took long ago said that my happiness and ability to be effective in my life rested on being physically well. If I’m sick or out of shape, everything sucks. (Correlation or causation, I can’t really say.) When I slim down again, I will feel more like myself.

I started running again yesterday. My body hasn’t forgotten the training from two years ago when I was training for my first half marathon. I love when I find my stride, and it feels (almost) effortless, when I can control my breathing, but I’m still pushing myself to keep up the momentum.

Today my muscles hurt, but my knees do not. Yet. We’ll see what happens when I get up to 8 miles again in a few weeks.

Everything is better when I’m running.


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