“Faith” is weird

IMG_2264What is faith? Deciding you like an idea. A lot. Because it feels good.

Why do people insist that God is real and that fact should be obvious? They make up an idea (starting with nature, the Bible, words of Buddha, whatever) and then extrapolate based on the moral system they already have. I walk around my neighborhood (the Uke) with all the beautiful churches and think “So many people believe this stuff. How is this possible?”

Faith means you don’t have to think about what’s real or analyze anything, like testing if prayer actually has an effect on the physical world. (Spoiler alert: It doesn’t).

Faith is trying to give order and meaning to natural occurrences. All analysis is done through faith goggles. “I see evidence of God all around! How can you explain the complexity and beauty of life?” I’d rather look for answers than say “Magic/God/Mystery is the answer to that mystery!” Ignorance may be bliss, but I’d rather make good decisions.

I don’t get the whole ‘making up stuff and ignoring contrary evidence’ thing. I don’t get the whole ‘my opinion is as good as (or even IS!) evidence’ thing.

I do understand that rituals give meaning and structure to our lives, and think that community and shared goals are important for happiness and progress. But giving rituals supernatural significance is an extra step I can’t endorse.

I’m really uneasy when people are proud of their ‘faith.’ Especially when  people use their faith to justify other bad ideas (abstinence only education, teaching “intelligent design” in science class) that seem obvious to them through faith goggles.

Respecting people is hard when I don’ t respect their ideas. We cannot “agree to disagree.” Not all ideas are equally valid. Ideas must be investigated to see if they’re true.  I’d love to have faith that I’m rolling in cash or that I’m a nuclear scientist, but living my life like that will not lead to anything good.


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