(More) Gratitude Lessons

I’m really not into ‘gratitude,’ but awareness and reflection and appreciation. To me gratitude implies owing someone something.

Me importa. Me importas. Me importan.

Other than my photo project, I’ve been silent here recently… partially from a lack of time and a lack of inspiration, but mostly due to a lack of perspective. This school year has been rough. I am teaching at a fantastic school and doing a job I enjoy, and with enough experience under my belt that I occasionally even feel like I am doing a good job. On an intellectual level I don’t have any reason to complain, but I have felt awfully whiny about elements of my life that I thought I had accepted already. Never enough time, never enough money, never enough energy for anything but work.

Now it is Christmas break and with some time to breathe comes some time and space for an adjustment of perspective.


A couple of Fridays ago, I was in my 1st grade class – my kiddos who are tiny and sweet…

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