From Lincoln Square to Pilsen, this is why I run

I feel like I could run to the horizon.

Because running for two hours makes me feel like a bad ass, and I marvel at the freedom that I have inside my body. Because my body makes my brain portable but is much more than that.

I loved that I achieved a goal that was scary to me and that shows that fear is a pointless indulgence and is in fact just procrastination.

Running is the easy, obvious action to take. I can get out of the infinite loop of insanity, dithering and other pointless activities. If this (anxiety), then that (running).

It makes me feel like I’ve closed a deal, which replaces the feeling that I used to get while I was working in real estate and that I don’t have now that I’m in finance. I buzz even the next day with feel-good chemicals. I can run through the city and feel like I own it. I feel like the Grinch after a long run: [and his testicles grew three sizes that day.]

To have a reality check when I don’t get enough sleep or water. Or if I over indulge with wine or food, I will know. Sometimes I feel really disconnected from my body, but running really shows me what I’ve been doing wrong. Running while sleep deprived sucks.

I can point to it as a sign of accomplishment even if I finished nothing else in a day.

I can do it alone, and no one can judge me and I don’ t let myself judge me. My favorite activities are done alone, for free, and at my own pace. I can do it alone, and no one can judge me and I don’ t let myself judge me.

I don’t know why other people run, but this is why I do.


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