Running can really suck

IMG_2442Today’s run sucked. This weather sucks, being dehydrated sucks, having my energy sucked out by the sun sucks, not running half of my long run sucks. I still did the whole thing, but it sucked.

The new summer we’re suddenly having means I’m going to have to front load my day with my run, so I can avoid the sun leaching my energy. I’m going to try my long run again tomorrow. And try to not suck at running. Because today’s run SUCKED.

Dealing with failure on long runs sucks. My body hurts and my ego is bruised. I’d been doing so well for so long. I know the only thing to do is to evaluate what went wrong and try again tomorrow. Because failure doesn’t necessarily mean that I suck. It means I had a run that sucked. Giving up sucks. And I’m trying again tomorrow. So I will not suck.


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