Everyone Who Doesn’t Know My God is in Hell

Last night, I had a 30 minute conversation with a guy who was Mexican and not Catholic! Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t celebrate holidays or birthdays because it doesn’t say to in the Bible. (Which… what? Okay, fine.)

When I speak a foreign language, I try to make sure that I understand what someone is actually saying, not what I think they’re saying. And in conversation, I try to be receptive to their point of view. So I was really uncomfortable to hear the Argument from Personal Incredulity (I don’t understand (how I’m alive, how the universe exists, ect.)- therefore God!).

I thought this was a parody of religious people, like Bill O’Reilly seems to want to be: Scientists are ‘confused’ (therefore what they find out about the universe and the natural world isn’t relevant!) because they don’t understand God’s will or plan. And the body of scientific knowledge hasn’t explained EVERYTHING, so God must have all of the truth and isn’t sharing or something.

I went into the conversation wanting to learn about Jehovah’s Witnesses. But came out disappointed. I never got a good answer to any of my questions from a Jehovah’s Witness perspective. “Scientists don’t understand God’s will” is not an answer. I expected more from the people who go around and knock on people’s doors.

My brain could not process on both tracks- the Spanish and the religious brain things that I was hearing. We  couldn’t get our discussion beyond “Why?” “Because!” Maybe I’m just horrible at communicating in Spanish. Maybe it’s just religion brain that I can’t find common ground with? Good conversation practice, at any rate.

Joder. Merry Christmas.