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I work for my several selves

color coded tabs
I love color coding.

I am figure model, which involves physical pain, smiling, art, and nudity.

I am part time at a conservative company in a conservative industry, which involves corporate speak, numbers and talking to people who support Trump.

I am a technology consultant. This involves feeling so so stupid and also like a genius every single day. Oh my god, the agony and the ecstasy.

When will I just get one job? Or at least jobs that are more similar. The culture of every space I’m in is so different, and a big part of communicating effectively is to show sameness. Sometimes it’s exhausting. And stressful. So I try to overcompensate by over organizing. When actually, I just need focus.


One thought on “I work for my several selves

  1. I also feel split. I hate saying “no,” but if I don’t, I get torn in so many directions. Teaching for 3+ schools, writing for 3+ clients, and tutoring several students, and being a husband, father and grandpa, have a telling impact on life. I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but still…a little order from the chaos would be nice, eh? 🙂

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